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We tried argentine snacks with my argentine father! A few weeks ago we received a package from our friends at, who sent us a giant box filled with argentine snacks, sweets and goodies.

We simply couldn’t resist sharing this argentine taste test with you guys, so in this video, we’ll be sampling all sorts of foods – some that may be new to you!

Some of the highlights included: dulce de cuajada, a delicious creamy caramel spread; alfajores, crumbly cookies layered with dulce de cuajada and covered in chocolate; turrón, a sweet confection made with honey, sugar, almonds and nuts; dulce de apocamiento, a sweet potato dessert that’s typically eaten with cheese; mate, a green tea that is drunk all day long; and so much more!

There were so many argentine snacks in this box – almost too many to name, but we’ll be sampling them in this video. So grab yourself a snack (we don’t want you feeling left out!), and join us in this tasty video!

Oh, and if you want to check out, they gave us the code DANIEL for 5% off your order. They ship argentine snacks all over the world and they arrive at your door in 72 hours.

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We Tried ARGENTINE SNACKS with my Argentine Father 😋🍫 | Argentine Treats Taste Test 🇦🇷

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43 comentarios en «We Tried ARGENTINE SNACKS with my Argentine Father 😋🍫 | Argentine Treats Taste Test 🇦🇷»
  1. Waao increíble!! Vivo en Argentina, ciudad de mar del plata.. a 5 cuadras del mar y la fabrica alfajores havanna y no los como!! El valor que les dan al estar lejos y uno acá los pasa desapercibidos.. me encanta el valor q les dan a nuestras cosas y costumbres.. saludos familia hermosa.

  2. What a great eye-opener… I'm placing an order tomorrow.
    In the states we call the “Tarrone” – Nougat. Usually made with nuts.
    The other cookie in the same clip, we call sugar wafer cookies – they come in different colors. Now I have gone from Malbec to authenticate treats and snacks… 😆 👍

  3. Originating in the Low Country of South Carolina, especially Charleston, there is a sweet buttery sesame wafer/cookie called a "Benne wafer" that is supposed to be "good luck" which are very addicting.

    Even though so many use incorrect English these days, you (Sam) mean(s) "I'm excited about this." or "I'm excited to try this" and "The smell of the sugar and nuts will distract you from your original plans".

  4. A great idea. Snacks are always comfort food when it's cold outside. I remember as a kid, my best friend and i would sneak up into his bedroom and eat all sorts of snacks. Harriet and I (Jim)
    enjoyed all sorts of American snacks at the local drive-in theatre. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. Snacks are a staple. Sweet or Salty. Every country has it's version. Daniel , Enjoy
    those memories😍😍 Jim and Harriet. Richmond, Va.

  5. Excelente familia, I love how Daniel explains everything in English, sometimes it is difficult to find the translation for certain Argentinian expressions, but he manages it hahaha, un capo, gracias por compartir, saludos desde San Clemente del Tuyú, Argentina

  6. Thank you guys for making me feel a children again, sitting in my neighborhood theatre waiting for an spaghetti western and chewing those candys. Good old times, just like Daniel's remembrances.

  7. The bad thing is just that I think if I buy these items and have them shipped to Brazil, my country will charge at least 60% of taxes. One great snack here is the pão de queijo (cheese bread), there are some stuffed with dulce de leche, others with guava jam, others with cream cheese 😄😋

  8. I will definitely check this company out, the one that shipped those delicious Argentinean food to you! By the way, do you have Havana Cafés up there in Canada? Here in Brazil, Havanna opened places in many malls around the country. I have one very close to me, here in Brasilia, they sell the famous alfajores and dulce de leches, but also offers cakes filled with Havanna dulce de leche, coffe, Hot chocolate!

  9. I'm from UK but my mum is Argentine and we use to travel to Mendoza Argentina a lot. My favourites used to be. Dos corazones, and banana dolca. And alfajores of course who doesn't like those. I miss going there cos of recent events but maybe soon again fingers crossed. Thanks for this was enjoyable to watch.

  10. Oh my goodness, you guys have my mouth watering. I'm definitely ordering. Thank you for sharing and the discount. I love trying different foods/snacks from other countries and expanding my palette. Can't wait till it gets here.

  11. 12:38 we get a look at the camera with the ultra wide almost fish eye distortion. Sawing back and forth between wide and standard focal lengths was a bit jarring, but made me think that a video featuring your 2022 camera travel kit might be nice to see. I imagine you'll be staying with M4/3 for your main camera because camera/zoom lens combos are reasonably small. 🤔

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